Who We Are

Since 2016, we have shipped more than 40 million tons of bulk commodities to customers. Being a well-established trading outfit with GTP (Global Trader Programme, Enterprise Singapore) credentials, Pine Energy is uniquely positioned to deliver value to customers and partners.

Our market reach spans the Asia-Pacific, from large and most liquid markets to the highest growth emerging regions. We serve clients in South-East Asia, China, Japan, South Korea and India. We have partnerships serving markets in Europe, Latin America and Africa. The company is run by a team of professionals who are well-established in respective fields of expertise.

We are headquartered in Singapore:

  • Singapore is the dominant commodities trading and shipping hub in the region
  • Close geographical proximity to our key clients, mine supply and shipping partners with offices in Singapore.
  • Proximity to our banks and financiers.
  • Outside Singapore, our teams are localized on the ground to manage operations.

Overseas network offices, agents and associate partners:

Competitive Advantage



  • Be a trusted & reliable supply chain and financing partner for end-users and producers.
  • To service as marketing agent for small and medium-sized miners, metals, minerals and fertilizer producers.
  • To extract value from trading intelligence through market analysis.
  • Leverage on our network and capabilities, we have an extensive business in non-coal commodities – metals & minerals, fertilizer materials, shipping and carbon credit.


We are more than just commodity trading. We work with partners to grow businesses together.

Why Us
Why US

Why Us

  • Market reputation, strong relationships and reliable performance since inception with producers and customers.
  • Local team expertise in Origination, which provides assurance and flexibility in supply to our customers.
  • Financial capacity to provide miner/producer financing.
  • Through associated partners, we provide transshipment and shipping logistics domestically and internationally.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We place ESG and Sustainability at the center of what we do: We support green sustainability initiatives in all businesses that we do.

Green initiatives
  • We selectively source from producers which evidence reliable production track record.
  • Our major coal suppliers in Indonesia are awarded Green Certificate by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, an achievement for its environmental management, safety, health work and positive contributions to the community around the mine.
  • We support CSR programs as contribution back to the society and the environment, including tree plantings and orphanage support.
  • We invested in forestry and afforestation projects in Indonesia.
  • We invested into ventures and projects which would enhance supply of critical minerals essential to the renewable energy industry.
  • We are promoting agri-based biomass products in our energy trading portfolio.

Pine Energy is developing nature-based carbon credit assets in South-East Asia.

These projects are designed to the highest standards conforming to European sustainability criteria.

In the near future, our trading portfolio will offer high quality carbon credits issued from equity projects.

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