About Us

At a Glance

As a new leading private-sector coal trading company, Pine Energy is uniquely positioned to deliver value to customers and partners.

Our reach spans the Asia Pacific, from the largest and most liquid of the global coal markets to the highest growth emerging regions for electricity. We serve customers in the China, India, Japan and South East Asia.

The company is run by a group of experienced traders who are well known in the market.

What We Do

Pine Energy trades coal globally produced mainly from Indonesia.
We sell coal from many coal mining operations in Indonesia, hedge against price volatility and satisfy demand for coal buyers. The company also plans to provide a wide array of transportation and logistics-related services.

We seek to build long-term customer relationships, and we have the right scale and sophistication to satisfy nearly any customer need, anywhere in the Asia Pacific region.

We know coal, and we know how to add value from pricing to scheduling to logistics.

Our products

We supply products to end users from various origins, providing value add risk management and ocean transport services.

Our products include the following grades of coal:

GAR 4200 | 4600 | 5100 | 5300 | 5600 | 6200.

Pine Energy has exclusive offtake volumes with listed miners. We specialize in shipping as well as risk management via derivatives markets.

We are sealing our first mining partnership in 2016 with a major coal mining concession in East Kalimantan. Under this off-take agreement we have secured rights to market and trade a significant coal tonnage.

Moreover, in view of the dynamic nature of the coal business, we have dedicated team to source coal from many coal mines in Indonesia to cater to the wide range of preferences and requirements fromĀ our buyers.